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Welcome to David Voy's website.


Paranormal Researcher.
The "VOYCE Technique"

Health & Fitness

My Cancer Success Story.
My Get Fit & Healthy Routine.


Music that I have composed and "Album Release" information.
Photography is a hobby I love.
Here are many works over the years.


Websites , Logos, Graphics Design, Photo Retouching.


Painting , sculpture and anything Abstract is what I always loved to do.

Paranormal Research

Developer of a breakthrough EVP/ITC techniqe that I  call
"The VOYCE Technique"

Film Maker

Short films are what I plan on making with small group of individuals.


Love to Video News and Community events and produce internet type videos as well.


Little Bear Park II - Official Opening (Ceremony)

Filmed Sunday September 29th 2013.
Video By: David Voy (Freelance Journalist & T3CHN0 N3RD/G33K)

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My "Restore American Glory"  Music Campaign...

Free Song - "Distant Effort"

This song I created was used for a Internet Radio Show Intro for "Beyond The Line"
with hosts Dru Winders and Patrick McKenzie.

Check out Beyond The Line Facebook page

Feel free to play or Click "Download" to keep it.

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